Tesla cars have brought a revolution in the electric vehicle industry. These have gained popularity worldwide. The main advantage is that these are environment-friendly and give a remarkable performance on the roads. The cars have a battery that can be charged.

To optimize its performance, you need to pay attention to its maintenance. Is your Tesla model being due for its annual maintenance service, you can bring it to experts at Highline Car Care at Gilbert in Arizona? They provide Tesla maintenance near Mesa and is a trustworthy repair shop. The engineers focus on maximizing its durability, safety and increasing its resale value.

How Tesla Car Is Different Than the Other Gasoline Cars?

These cars do not need fuel filters and oil changes or spark plug replacements. There is no requirement to check for emissions. In rare cases, you have to replace the brakes because regenerative braking returns the energy to the battery. This prevents the wear and tear of the brakes.

The Necessary Maintenance Service

Cabin Air Filter

The air filter of the car helps prevent the entry of the dust particles, industrial dust inside through the vents. It is highly recommended to replace the cabin air filter every 2 years. This has a positive effect on its maintenance and performance.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter

You need to replace the filter every 3 years. The filter provides filtration protection. It traps the dust and other particles from getting inside the vehicle via the ventilation system.

Check to Ensure Correct Wheel Alignment and Tire Rotation

It is recommended that your tires need to be checked every 10, 000 to 12,000 miles to ensure its rotating and aligning requirements. If you are an aggressive driver it will need tire service more often. You can check out the manufacturer’s manual and also the warranty documentation, to get further information, so that you are aware of its warranty.

Brake Fluid Test

It is required that you check the brake fluid whether it is contaminated or not after every 2 years. If contamination has occurred you are required to change it.

Air Conditioning Service

The air conditioning service ensures the long life of the car and has a tremendous effect on its efficiency. It is recommended by Tesla to do the air conditioning service every two years for the Model S and Model X every four years.

Winter Care

The cars which are used in cold climates, the brake calipers are required to be cleaned and lubricated every 12 months. It is necessary to have an optimum performance of the car on the roads during the cold weather.


If your car requires the maintenance service, it is necessary to take it to a service center. So that the specific needs of your luxury electric vehicle are fulfilled. You get maximum satisfaction while you are driving your luxurious Tesla Vehicle.

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