Our cars are also a kind of internal combustion engine where there will be a number of rotating components and parts, which may often rub and create a friction.

If any metal parts are involved in such kind of friction then plenty of heat can be generated and therefore your engine will need coolant and lubrication oil to keep them cool.

Though oils are mainly used as lubricant, it can also help in cooling down various components of your engine.

In case, such friction of various components is producing heat then the engine only will get overheated but not necessarily your entire car will become hot. However, the overheating of engine is not good for your car’s health and you need to fix overheating near Seattle.

Following are few symptoms which will tell you that your car is getting overheated.

  • Temperature gauge will be red

Your car has temperature gauge which will indicate the temperature of your engine. Normally, the needle will remain in green range which means your engine temperature is within the safe limit.

In case, the needle moves to the red range then it means your engine is overheated and you need to be alert.

  • Leakage of coolant

While driving your vehicle, if you notice that there is a trail of coolant leakage then it is also an indication of overheating of your engine.

If there is a shortage of coolant in your car then the component of your engine is likely to get heated up and they need to be cooled soon, in order to prevent damage of any component of the engine.

  • Weak performance of engine

As the engine will overheat, the piston may get expanded and as a result the rotation of the crank shaft will get limited. Your engine may not be in a position to produce enough amount of power to accelerate.

Therefore, you will not be in a position to achieve the desired speed.

  • Steam

In case, you observe steam appearing from the hood of your car then it is a positive indication that your engine is getting overheated. Steam will be formed when your coolant will start getting boiled.

In such condition, you must immediately call any car mechanic.

  • Engine noise

If certain unfamiliar noise comes out of your engine, it indicates that there is no sufficient amount of lubricant present in your car and as a result your engine will soon get heated up.

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