If you own a car then there are chances that you may involve in vehicle collision at least once in your life. Though you may be a careful driver but still chances are that due to someone else’s fault there may be a collision.

Though your insurance company may be ready to cover all the cost of repair of your car, you may not like the auto body repair company that is recommended by the insurance provider.

Mentioned below are few tips that can help you choose the right shop to repair your car.

  • Research about the service provider

To begin with, you need to do research to find the right service provider and get all the details about them. You may ask your friends, trusted colleagues and many others to get feedback about the shop they recommend.

  • Compare prices

Whether the shop has been recommended by the insurance company or you have also found out after research, you must compare their prices based on the quality of their service.

  • Find one that is near you

It will certainly be more convenient for you if you can locate a suitable car service provider who is near to your location. It will be convenient for you to pick the car after it has been serviced.

  • Check the hourly rates

There are few companies who charge their service based on the number of hours that is needed for the job. Therefore, you must enquire about the same so that you can compare the price.

  • Ask your mechanic

Most of the mechanics who are in this line will be aware of a good body repair shop and therefore asking them about the same can be a good idea.

  • Technicians’ qualifications

When you visit any body repair shop then try to find the qualification of the technician who is going to work on your car. You must ensure that the technician must be well qualified and experienced too.

  • Follow your own gut feeling too

Besides following all other tips, you must also use your own gut feel. You can also try to collect feedback from other customers to know about the quality of service provided by the repair shop.


You will certainly not like to drive a car which has got dents. A dented car will also not attract good price if you try to sell your car. Therefore, never compromise with regards to quality of your body repair shop when you select one.

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