Protecting your car with a  Hydrophobic car coating has a lot of benefits. For one, it offers better protection than most other covers, and then it saves money in the long run.

What to know about ceramic coating

Ceramic coats are made from several chemical materials, and they are of various qualities. In fact, some have high water content and do not adhere properly to the car’s body. The ideal ceramic coat has about 80% SiO2 content and will stick to the surface without clogging. Also, two major factors contribute to the longevity of the ceramic coat: the preparation and then the application.

In order to get the best result, the surface of the car must be well-scrubbed and free of dirt or cracks. The primer is also important. A bad primer will cause the cost to fall off and leave the surface rough.

Are ceramic coatings worth it?

Yes, of course. Getting hydrophobic car ceramic coating for your vehicle means you have better protection against water and other harsh liquids that can corrupt car paints or enhance rusting. Although it could be expensive to get the job done once, in the long run, you would save money on regular polishing.

How to apply ceramic car coating

You can either get a professional serviceman to do it for you or get it done yourself.

First, gather the following materials.

  1. Hydrophobic car ceramic coating: make sure you buy the original product. Check out the seal and product number online to ensure it is authentic. You can buy in different sizes, but make sure to buy enough to finish the whole job. Also, buy a primer. Ask for the best primer for the ceramic coat you choose.
  2. A spray gun: It could be machine-operated, or with a comfortable manual pump. Check the nozzle to make sure it isn’t partially blocked or too small.
  3. Get a buffer: This usually comes with some hydrophobic ceramic coating products. If not, just get a clean microfiber towel. be necessary if you are coating a fairly old car.

Once the materials are available, proceed to wash and clean the car first. Remove debris and as much dirt as you can. Apply the coat evenly using the spray gun. It is important that you do it in smaller portions so that you can rub the compound onto the car surface before it dries, and you can proceed to the next portion.

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