Moving house, no matter how exciting, is not a walk in the park. The organizing, packing, lifting, and loading is often cumbersome. Excellent organizing skills are key to minimizing the stress and granting you more energy to enjoy this new chapter in your life.

Take photos

Before you start packing, taking photos of each room will help you preserve memories. This will give you something to look back to when you get older. Another reason to take pictures is so you know which cord goes where. By the time you have to plug the cables back, you won’t have to spend an awful lot of time analyzing shapes and colors.

Offload your stuff

Moving house is so much easier when you have less stuff to carry around. Purge items that you’ve not used in the last year, stuff you forgot you owned, and things that won’t look good in your new home. When decluttering, focus on one room at a time, starting with the least used room. Set a limit on bags and boxes you will use. Since not all old items will look good in your new home, selling them online or donating them can be a good option. If you have an old car that can barely make it to your new home, there are cash buyers who will buy junk cars and it’s a great way to declutter and earn money at the same time.

Pack early

Packing early will save you a lot of cramming and anxiety. This will allow you to follow a timeline, helping you control the situation better. If you need help in cleaning the new house when you finally move in, booking this service in advance will save you a lot of inconvenience. Booking required services ahead of time will assure you that the move will unfold according to plans. When packing, start with items you won’t miss. Cleaning supplies and everything else in liquid form will also have a separate box to prevent spills from affecting other items.

Put labels accordingly

An important key to seamless moving is grouping the right items together and labeling them accordingly. Preferably, all the things placed in a similar room should be contained by the same boxes. This lessens the need to move and carry several items around. Essential documents are better off grouped together securely.

Pack an overnight bag

This bag will contain all the items you’ll need to settle in. This is similar to your necessities every time you travel – toiletries and enough clothes that’ll last you until you’re done unpacking. Make sure these are easily accessible, together with everyday gadgets. If you don’t plan on eating out during the first morning in your new home, the kitchenware you need to make breakfast and wash the dishes is essential. Your unpacking resources will have to be easily reachable too.

Moving to a new home is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be the most complicated. Heed these steps so your new abode will feel less like a house and more like home.


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