During earlier days, only expensive cars used to have various navigation systems however, nowadays even any economic model of car also include many navigation systems incorporated.

If you are interested to install an aftermarket navigation system then following are few navigations systems and their pros and cons.

Factory navigation systems

Following are few pros and cons:


  • Integration

It will offer better appeal by virtue of factory installed system and more integrated.

  • Better GPS signal

Being satellite based it will get signal even in remote locations too.

  • Warranty coverage

Being factory installed it will get full warranty cover too.

  • Theft resistant

Thief will find it hard to remove factory installed navigation system.

  • Resale value

Factory installed system will always attract more resale value.


  • Cost

Only expensive versions will be available in factory installed system.

  • Updates

To get updates for older model will cost you a lot.

  • Use limitations

There will be few restrictions which can be frustrating.

Smartphone navigation systems

Following are few pros and cons:


  • Traffic data

You will always get shortest route based on traffic data.

  • Current maps

You will always get up-to-date maps of every locations.

  • Convenience

It will be much easier to handle and provide inputs.

  • Integrated smartphone options

Get best of both worlds with large screen and convenience of smart phones.


  • Distractions

It will provide distractions unless you buy proper mounting.

  • Spottier reception

Reception will mostly depend on cell signal.

  • Battery drain

Quite likely that your battery may drain out soon

Portable navigation systems

Following are few pros and cons:


  • Price

It will be cheaper than factory installed system.

  • Cheaper updating

In longer run updates are cheaper.

  • Good reception

Since it is satellite based hence reception will be better.


  • Mounting

Mounting will not be as tidy as factory installed system.

  • Limited warranty

You will get only 1-year warranty.

In-Dash Navigation Systems

Following are few pros and cons:


  • More features

There will plenty of latest features incorporated.

  • Better screen

As compared to various older vehicles the screen of the navigation system will be much better.

  • Customizable

These navigation systems can easily be customized as per your need.


  • Price

Price of such system can be as high as factory-based system.

  • Theft prone

It is much easier for the thieves to remove them.

  • Not fully integrated

It is not as integrated as a factory installed system.

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