Coilovers can be thought of as shock absorbers, but they act like a suspension component to keep your vehicle from bottoming while you drive.

Both work on the same principle, but the most noticeable difference is the coil that surrounds the strut. The coil is mounted on an adjustable perch that allows you to adjust the coilovers’ height.

You can also lower your car with coilovers. Coilovers can help reduce body roll when your vehicle turns corners.

These components are meant to replace suspension components and can also be called a full-body or coilover.

Coilovers can offer many performance benefits, but they are most often used to elevate or lower vehicles for aesthetic reasons.

What are coilovers then? They are adjustable suspension components.

How do coilovers work?

Coilovers function in the same way as shock absorbers and coil springs. Coilovers combine both technologies to provide more control and a more comfortable ride.

Shock absorbers offer a smooth ride because they compress as you drive on different road conditions. They then automatically expand when road conditions change.

Coil springs follow the same principle but are stiffer and won’t compress as quickly. You will lose some ride comfort but coil springs are necessary to prevent your car from bottoming.

The coilover itself is made up of a spring or coil wrapped around a shock absorber. The coil will compress when you hit bumps or divots on the road. When the road level outs again, the shock absorber pushes back the spring up to ensure a smooth ride.

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