In addition to their important participation in the economy, the jobs that are generated in the automotive industry represent an important percentage in the labor market due to the constant flow of personnel that automotive companies need.  Due to a lot of industrial activity, automotive companies require different profiles for their production plant, such as assemblers, brass workers, automotive painters, and welders. Engineering profiles are generally required for administrative areas. However, professionals are recruited from various career paths to meet the needs of the business. Currently, educational institutions do not have formal training programs in these specialties and the level of technical knowledge required by the company for these positions is high.

The Selection Process

Depending on the position, most automatic companies have established competencies that are measured within the selection process, but they will usually look for people who are committed to the job, focused on results, and who put passion and commitment into their daily activities. For the company, it is important to have employees focused on service, in order to achieve the company’s goal of having happy customers.

Use of Technology

Despite the intensive use of technology in its production processes, such as robots and virtual reality, in the automotive industry, there are still activities that are carried out manually by human beings. There are some functions that no machine can perform better than a human being, especially when it comes to verifying the sensory experiences produced by a new car.

Unique Positions

Below we mention the five of the most unique and essential positions in the automotive sector and their responsibilities.

Seamstress: their task is to hand baste the patterns of the vehicle upholstery, for which they must take into account the best combination of colors and materials according to the style of each car.

Clay sculptor: mold life-size clay cars with the use of a putty knife and other tools into a clay model, which will be used to appreciate the car’s shapes before freezing its design. These models should show the exterior and interior design of the car.

First Driver: their job is dedicated to studying vehicle performance right off the assembly line. On a circuit of six types of pavement, cars are tested at different speeds. During the testing, the proper functioning of the horn, lights, brakes and that there are no annoying noises are checked.

Seat Tester – You have to check the comfort of the seat, for which you will need to test the ideal foam, fabric, structure, or stitching that suits different body types and outdoor conditions. It also ensures the correct design of the headrest.

Automobile sommeliers: their role is to detect the ‘new car smell’. This aroma is the task of a team of chemical experts, who in turn perform more than 400 olfactory tests a year.


According to the Mesothelioma Cancer Network, no matter what position an automobile worker assumes, there are still some risks associated with what they do for a living. Most of the risks are health-related due to the presence and contact with asbestos. You should be mindful of this when you have decided to take on a job in the industry.

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